Do You Like Lemon?

lemon pie 1

This is a great summer dessert…introducing the Lemon Sour Cream Pie!  It has been a little hotter than normal here in San Diego so I’ve been trying to pick nice cold desserts and sweet treats to make and I think this pie may stay on my list as a go to recipe.  It’s pretty simple to make and if you follow the directions pretty fool proof.

You’re basically going to make a lemon curd and while I know that kind of freaks some people out, let me tell you that it’s easier than you might think.  The only thing that makes it a little difficult is the constant stirring.  You can’t walk away from it once you get started.  If you burn it, there’s no saving it…trust me.  So make yourself comfortable, snag your favorite whisk and prepare yourself to go to town on this thing for about 8 to 10 minutes.

I made two slight changes to this recipe.  First, I doubled the amount of lemon zest.  With the addition of sour cream I felt like the lemon might get downplayed a little and I like a nice tart lemon taste.  The extra lemon zest just gave it a little more zip but it didn’t make me pucker up all sour like.  The second change was for the whip cream topping.  I sometimes take issue with homemade whip cream because it taste a little, well like nothing to me.  So when I make my own I add a little extra sugar, about a 1/4 tsp of vanilla and a pinch of salt.  It just gives it a little extra something that I enjoy.

I chilled the pie for about 4 hours, sliced it up and Anthony and I enjoyed a nice refreshing piece of pie last night to help cool us down.  So a thumbs up for this one, if you’re looking for a good summertime dessert I would highly recommend this one.

lemon pie



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