Oh These Were Good!


This week I made Cinnamon Blondies and I’m just gonna say it, Damn these were good!  I’m usually not a fan of blondies but the combination of brown sugar and cinnamon just made these so yummy and the texture was so perfect.  After my first bite all I could say was, mmmmmmm.

The recipe is simple and very easy to follow.  I didn’t make any adjustments to it at all. I will tell you that I was a little concerned about the fact that it has equal amounts of flour and brown sugar.  I didn’t think it would have enough structure but they came out beautifully.  My favorite part was the top.  After cooling for a few minutes you brush the top with melted butter and sprinkle on cinnamon sugar.  It gave it this crunchy top that I thought just made the whole thing.  The contrast of that crunch and then the soft brownie like consistency was great.

My only tip would be to make sure you watch your timing on this.  The recipe called to bake for 40 minutes but mine was done in 30.  I always rotate my pans halfway through and then I pull it early just to see where we’re at.  Any longer and I don’t think they would have come out as well.


I can tell you that these were a big hit with Anthony’s coworkers and myself.  Anthony thought they would be good with ice cream and I wouldn’t be against making another pan and trying them that way as well.  And then maybe making another pan to just have again. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I give these a big thumbs up and I’m pretty sure I’ll be making these again in the future.

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